I wanted to take a second to commend the exemplary customer service from both you [Karin Neumann] and Mr. Valentino. It’s both a rarity in the industry, and very much appreciated.
Andrew G.
Investor – July 2020

As a buyer, I’ve had a great experience working with Karin and the rest of the team. They do an excellent job of looking at a deal from the buyer’s lens and including all the relevant information required for decision making, in the CIM*. The level of professionalism and quality by which the CIMs are written is truly outstanding.
Private Equity Investor – December 2019

* Confidential Information Memorandum

As a 40 year business owner, I attended the workshop in order to understand best practices and to prepare myself, and my clients, for the eventual ownership transfer process either to a family member or third party. All questions were answered professionally and directly which I appreciated because I arrived seeking to understand the fees involved and how to engage with their firm years prior to when I plan to retire. If you are considering attending an ANA seminar, you will enjoy the experience, and leave with a valuable workbook and make some new friends during your time with A. Neumann & Associates.
Paul Seroka
Business Owner – November 2019

These guys are good, they put very professional information together. You are very well represented [as seller].
JC Maldonado
Private Equity Investor – September 2019

Working with Achim and Gary was very easy and professional. I did not know all that was going to be involved but they helped me through the process. A major value of their service is knowing what the team is supposed to do and when – this was very helpful and a novice surely couldn’t do that by themselves. I certainly would give A Neumann & Associates high marks and fully recommend their services to someone looking to sell their business.
Michael Palmer
Seller – June 2019

This testimonial is for my total satisfaction with the work Tony Valentino and his company A Neumann Associates have provided for me. While I have not pulled the trigger yet for the sale of the business, I am confident that when the time comes Tony will do the right thing. Tony has provided guidance throughout the entire process, while never making me feel pressured. There are no surprises.
Thomas M.
Seller – Systems Contractor, February 2019

This is one of the best CIMs I’ve seen for a business this size — very thorough/insightful but concise at the same time.
Rick B.
Investor – February 2019

This is the most professional and thorough COM I’ve seen in searching for a business in the past eight months.
Bill D. Investor – February 2019

I am confident recommending Aaron to help my clients through the process of selling their businesses. His responsiveness, attention to detail, and follow through are exemplary. I know when I ask Aaron to contact one of my clients, he will work with them, step by step through the process. His knowledge and professionalism are outstanding.
Kathleen M. Reilly
Banking Vice President – January 2019

There are many M&A firms saying the same thing. I chose the one that delivered – A Neumann & Associates. This firm is top notch start to finish – they not only follow up they follow through. Give Gary Herviou and Achim Neumann a hard look if you are committed to selling, because they are . This will be your greatest transaction – make the right decision and choose A Neumann & Associates to represent you!
Mark Babin
Seller, January 2019

I have been in the market to acquire a business for the past few months. In that time, I have worked with several business brokers and Neumann & Associates have been one of the best to work with. They were extremely responsive and the confidential memorandum for the business I was looking at, was the best I have received.
Brian C
Investor – January 2018

The information provided in the Confidential Memorandum and Valuation Report was extremely thorough and informative, which I appreciated very much.
Tony B.
Investor – January 2018

Thank you Aaron for all of your help in getting a valuation for my business. For the past 10 years, I have been the owner of a business that has been around for nearly 100 years. The valuation gave me a clear picture of where my business is at this time, and will help me plan for the next 10 years. I appreciate your guidance and support through the process.
Jonathan Newman
Liebmans – December, 2017

I am a new client of your company and I am looking at possible staffing acquisitions in the East Coast. I have been working with your staff for about a week now and I wanted to let you know that you have a great operation. The emails and the documents that I receive at every stage in the process are complete and there is no guess work. I have been working with Karin in your office and her follow-up has been great but I get a feeling that everyone in your office is probably that way too. Thank you and best regards
Shankar Viswanathan
Investor, biztekpeople.com – November 2017

Gary made us comfortable with the selling process from the beginning and the valuation was very professional and insightful. The ANA team worked creatively and diligently to overcome many obstacles – thanks to their drive and knowledge, we were able to close our sale in a timely manner. If the opportunity arose, we would most definitely use ANA again and we gladly recommend them without any reservations whatsoever.
George & Berta Gryvat
Business Sellers – October 2017

Karin, you guys represent by far the most serious and attractive businesses I’ve come across and I’ve seen dozens and dozens by now.
Miguel R,
Investor, Human Resource Firms – September 2017

I recently acquired a company represented by A Neumann and Associates. While Achim and Gary represented their client (not me), I nevertheless appreciated their ability to offer a clear Offering Memorandum and then manage an extremely complicated sales process to a successful completion. I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend looking to sell his business.
Steve S
Business investor – February 2017

I am very pleased that I chose A Neumann & Associates to represent me in selling my firm. The valuation process allowed me to control the transaction and Achim and Gary were very professional every step of the way.
Kevin Kazimar
Business Seller, Rental Equipment Company – January 2017

Gary, thank you again for all your hard work and information regarding the valuation. This has certainly been an eye opening experience.
Linda L.
Business Owner – December 2016

I’ve known Achim Neumann for years, and referred businesses to him. He’s the founder of A Neumann & Associates, headquartered in Atlantic Highlands. Uniquely among the business brokers I’ve met over the decades, Achim comes from an investment banking background, and it shows in how he approaches the sale of businesses. They are head-and-shoulders above anyone else, and I would recommend no other.
Joe Worth, Partner
Certified Business Transition Expert™, B2B CFO® – May 2016

Our firm engaged A Neumann & Associates 4 years ago to get a handle on the value of our business in preparation for sale. Gary Herviou did a tremendous job learning about our business and determining what metrics would contribute to better valuation. His advice on where to focus attention provided a strategic piece of the puzzle needed for a successful sale. I highly recommend A Neumann & Associates to any business owner.
Peter Bergquist
Seller, IT Services Company – April 2016

Thank you again for a highly informative workshop/seminar yesterday! Excellent information and very well presented… I am sure my friend Al will be using your services to get organized and sell his business, as we were very impressed with your knowledge, staff, and network.
Jeff Cohen
Advisor – February 2016

Achim and Gary did an excellent job giving my Rutgers MBA students insight into mid-market M&A, especially from the sell side. Their client focus, thoughtful ethics, and good humor came through clearly in a highly interactive session. I look forward to having them back on campus.
Dr. Doug Miller
Associate Professor, Management & Global Business, Rutgers Business School – January 2016

Yesterday’s presentation was outstanding. Not only was it informative, it showed the true nature of a professional team at A Neumann & Associates.
Mark Kapelushnik
Director, Grand Bank – November 2015

Our experience with Michael Feite and A. Neumann & Associates was very positive and professional. The insights, guidance, access to resources, and personal commitment to our deal provided during our engagement were exactly what we wanted. We recommend anyone or any firm needing the services of a professional Merger & Acquisition firm to consider A. Neumann & Associates.
Jim B.
Biotechnology Industry – September 2015

I was very impressed by your system and the presentation of information as well as the inclusion of an appraisal. I would have saved a lot of time if the other firms did half the work you do.
Sheldon R.
Investor – July 2015

Steve, thank you for your valuable assistance. I appreciate being able to confidentially and confidently discuss business valuations with you. You have clarified many of the questions I had about the valuation process. I feel assured that I now have a better grasp of what my business might be worth.
Sharman C.
Business Owner, Retail Hardware Store – May 2015

You covered everything that one needs to know. The audience was engaged and there was good interaction in the room.
Sarika Sikand
SBA Loan Officer, NOAH Bank – May 2015

Thank you for the invite to today’s workshop. The presentation by you and your colleagues was right on, and I thought the information was very valuable and practical to those who attended.
Norman Kallen
M&A Attorney – May 2015

I want to thank you for the invitation to what was an enlightening and eye-opening experience for me yesterday. The session’s focus on M&A processes, including valuation, reports and more was really informative.
Violeta R
CEO, Ruggles & Ruggles LLC – April 2015

Mostly, we appreciate a comprehensive prospectus as you provided as it lets us make a quick first pass and minimize wasting anyone’s time.
Dick M, Investor
inquiring about Web Publishing Company – March 2015

We retained A Neumann & Associates a few years ago to value our three companies and were impressed with their professionalism, thoroughness and expertise.
Tom Buchas
President Active Learning Centers, LLC – March 2015

With a family owned business, there are emotional ties that sometimes blur the best decisions for the business. Gary was able to handle the situation with empathy and his knowledge made what could be a tearful discussion, filled with opportunity.
Heather Miller
CEO, Hybrid Interactive – March 2015

Thank you for the detailed information that you provided. I wish I could count on such clear, thorough documentation from all of the deals I look at!!!
Mark D.
Investor, Power Supplies Company – August 2014

We are dealing with a lot of M&A advisers, and very often we don’t get phone calls returned or the proper documents. This firm always follows up and is very diligent in its preparation and introduction. You [referring to the seller] picked the right advisors.
Bruce Hartman
Investor & former CFO Footlocker – February 2014

A lot of my associates that I’ve dealt with for a number of years are hearing that I sold the business and I’m telling them how happy I was with the service that you provided for me.
Andy Cohen
Seller, Medical Equipment Distributor – December 2013

I personally want to thank you for all your help in this transaction. Your optimism and creativity in trying to get this deal done was incredible”
Jags V.
Investor, Contracting Facility – October 2013

Your paperwork is much more extensive than from any other broker, including your NDA… and I have looked at many companies. Appreciate the upfront work.
Daniel Slep
Investor – July 2013

I am impressed with the plethora of documents. You are clearly vetting your clients thoroughly
Peter Fiverson
Investor – March 2013

Gary Herviou of A Neumann Associates presented an outstanding workshop to the MIDJersey Chamber membership. His presentation was complete, informative, impactful and very interactive….perfect for the small business owners who had a lot of questions… Gary’s great knowledge about the subject of business valuation and exit strategies make this an awesome member benefit to our members. Thank you, Gary!
Liz Tindall
Vice President – MID Jersey Chamber of Commerce – January 2013

Nice job on the Memorandum”
John Burke

I know you guys do your due diligence BEFORE the deal, not like all the other junk around there … the bad news is, that your deals are very good and they go so darn fast. Next time I will be responding immediately…”
Bankim Gopani
Investor – November 2012

Gary, thanks so much for your generous time, your incredibly thoughtful approach, and the respect you have shown me. I am going to contact my consultant to let her know how well you treated me and how much I appreciate her referral.
Janet L.
Seller – Health Spa Business – August 2012

… your confidential memorandum materials were professional, well put together, and very helpful in assessing the business opportunity; much better than what I have seen from other brokers. I have been in business for over 35 years, managed several different companies, and certainly appreciate concise information”
Kenneth W.
Investor, Franchise Retail Facility – June 2012

Thank you for your integrity and business ethics during the acquisition process.”
Rob B.
Purchaser, Distribution Company

Gary Herviou is a first class individual and a very competent professional. He is also part of an organization that has access to a tremendous amount of information on potential buyers, current sales trends and what the banks are doing in terms of business loans.
Rob Robison
Seller, In-Home Senior Care Center – April 2012

Gary, thanks again for such an informative meeting about things to consider when valuing a business….You did a great job delivering valuable insight”
Jeannie Angelo
Investor – B2B Service Business – February 2012

We never believed that any firm representing our business would be able to bring so many qualified buyers to us as your firm did. And best of all, our transaction was all done in confidence – neither our employees nor our customers learned anything about the transaction throughout the process. I would recommend your firm to any business owner who wants to engage the experts to position their business to attract the best purchaser.”
Jane G.
Seller, Consulting Practice – June 2011

… Jesse! I wish you guys were my advisor… you are one tough negotiator…”
Rishav G.
Purchaser, Web Testing Facility – January 2011

Please know that I was very impressed with the complete and professional information package provided by Neumann Associates.”
Claudio R.
Investor, Distribution Company

… You have been extremely professional and we won’t forget it…”
Lisa Chiarolanzio
Seller, Retail Business – October 2010

… I just picked up our final payment on the business from Jim. Just wanted to thank you once again for finding us a good buyer. That sale was huge in our lives and you will always be the hero to me…”
Paula Long
Seller, HVAC Facility – February 2010

… In spending about a year searching for a small business, I have found it frustrating at times dealing with brokers. You contact them on listings only to wait for responses that never come. After many listings I ran into Achim Neumann at Neumann and Associates. When I first contacted them I was finally surprised at a level of service. Neumann and Associates were quick to respond. They listened and worked hard toward finding me a good match. I would recommend Achim Neumann and his company. They even have a newsletter…”
Doug Kelly
Investor, Retail – November 2008

… I had been looking for a business for 2 ½ years until Mr. Neumann located the right one for me … throughout all this time we had looked at different ones, and Mr Neumann was very helpful in giving me advice…”
Andy Patterson
Purchaser, Refrigeration Company – February 2007

… I wanted to sell the company after my husband passed away, and Mr. Neumann had a buyer for us within ten days after we signed an agreement with him… and throughout the whole process, it was kept completely confidential”
Rosemary Wendruff
Seller, Refrigeration Company – January 2007

… there were many requirements by the franchisor but Mr Neumann worked through it diligently and closed the deal for us…”
Nick Imperato
Seller, Sylvan Learning Center – December 2006

… quite frankly, your material and presentations put all other brokers to shame…”
Michael Smith
Investor – August 2006

… now, I know what a business broker is needed for … without Mr. Neumann I would have never closed the deal…”
Jim Aridas
Purchaser, Contracting Business – March 2005

… We wanted a career change and Mr. Neumann presented different options to us. He explained everything to us in great detail. Best of all, the sale was held completely confidential and none of our employees knew about it, or left later on…”
David Long
Seller, HVAC & Plumbing Company – March 2005

… we bought a business in a very highly regulated environment… Mr Neumann assured that the seller provided us with all the documents and he was very helpful in closing the deal…”
Galinda Golden
Purchaser, Adult Day Care Center – June 2004

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