• Thanks, great article.

  • Actually, your timing is perfect. My company is nearly 49 years old and I, for the firs time, am starting to consider selling it. I am unsure if your East Coast location inhibits facilitating sales on the West Coast but inasmuch as your letter states the sale generates the income for you and I, an expert consultation seems attractive.

    Our General Contracting firm now deals primarily with County Government contracts, HOA maintenance and improvement projects, referral remodeling and residential home improvement work.

    If your business sense feels like we could make each other money, please let me know.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Thank you. My business is a one man shop. The strength of the business is my personal reputation. I have a state license and extensive education and training. I have been invited to work for others. At 72, I’m about keeping going, gently. icking the jobs I want and letting the others go. I know my limits. therefore, while I enjoy Aaron’s discussions, I am not marketable as a business. And, since I have kept my rates low to insure constant flow, there is little incentive to be purchased. I will look for you for folks that are considering what you offer!

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