Meet The Team: Steve Wrubleski of The Southern NJ, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware Regions

Where did you grow up?

Northeast Philadelphia

Where did you study for college?

Temple University

What was the first job you had out of college? What was the most important lesson you learned there that has stuck with you for your entire professional career? Supervisor for a Printing Ink manufacturing Company. It’s not always what you know that will make you successful, It’s also about how you manage the people around you. Know what you don’t know and either learn the skill or hire someone who already knows how to do it. Successful people always surround themselves with successful people.

What drew you to working as a business broker with A Neumann and Associates?

The opportunity to work in a field with a diverse group of business owners. Industry reputation, staff and support systems.

What counties and states do you represent?

Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia Metro, Maryland, Delaware

What do you feel makes your region unique compared to others? A lot of ground to cover compared to the others. Largest territory.

What do you find is the biggest challenge in the your region compared to others? We all face the same challenges. Business owners not wanting to pay for a service. They think it should be free like the residential real estate market. We should get paid when they do.

What do you find is the biggest advantage of working in your region compared to others? No advantage here other than the data base is larger. The close rate is about the same as the other regions.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working in your region? Everyday is a rewarding / learning experience. When a business owner appreciates the hard work that you do for them. Respects your expertise and has the willingness to listen and learn. More times than not the business owner knows more than anyone else in their industry and you also.

Best advice for someone considering selling a business in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware? Start the process early, it’s all in the preparation to maximize the most value. Don’t start the day after you need to sell your business.

Best advice for someone considering buying a business in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware? Develop an investment strategy, know how much you can afford to invest, Talk to lenders first. Narrow down the types of businesses you have the skills to manage. Have a plan. Hire a professional Business Broker in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware from Neumann .