Meet The Team: Bruce DeCourt of The Southern Maryland & Virginia Regions

Bruce, Where did you grow up? In the New Jersey, New York metro area.

Where did you study for college?  I got my BA at Rutgers University with Master’s studies at City University of New York.

What was the first job you had out of college? What was the most important lesson you learned there that has stuck with you for your entire professional career?   My first real job was cable TV sales, knocking on doors.  The lessons of persistence and being the “face of the company” have served me well throughout my career both in the cable television operations and sales management and telecommunications IT consulting worlds.

What drew you to working with A Neumann and Associates?  The opportunity to run my own show within the structure of a highly credible business organization.  And working with some of the brightest minds in the business brokerage business in Maryland, Virginia and the entire Northeast.

What counties and states do you represent?  Southern Maryland and Virginia.

What do you feel makes your region unique compared to others? Southern Maryland and Viriginia are both thriving economic regions with the highest new construction growth in the world.

What do you find is the biggest challenge in your region compared to others?  Very sophisticated and knowledgeable business clients and business climate.

What do you find is the biggest advantage working in the southern Maryland & Virginia region compared to others? Business owners are attuned and receptive to knowledgeable business partners.

What do you think is the most underrated opportunity in your region? Business turnover due to baby boomers nearing retirement creates a large market for would-be business sellers.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had working in your region? The diversity of businesses and business owners.

Best advice for someone considering selling a business in Maryland or Selling a business in Virginia?  Understand your business valuation expectation and contact me for a consultation.

Best advice for someone considering buying a business in Maryland or Buying a business in Virginia? Contact A. Neumann & Associates to align your purchase interests to the right parties.