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Thank you for contacting us with respect to the Company Marketability Assessment (CMA) – a quick 15 minutes assessment of companies in the market place.

This proprietary assessment was developed in conjunction with our Business Information Organizer (BIO) -- a tool that has been established over the past thirty years by executing thousands of business valuations, defining a Fair Market Value for companies in a broad spectrum of the economy. The free assessment will provide an initial feedback to business owners on the viability for a company sale without the expenses and depths of a full valuation.

Please note that we value the privacy of our clients. Rest assured, your information will never be released to or accessible by third parties. Please see our privacy policy .


Once you have completed assessment, the system will compare your information to a large set of comparative information to determine the business position in the market place and will compile a report for you. After review, we will send such information to you by way of email.

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